• CNC turning, including lathes with active tools. The maximum dimensions of the machined parts:diameter to 450mm, lengthup to 1000mm;
  • CNC milling on vertical and horizontal machining centres. The maximum number of axes is 4. Maximum displacements:X=2134 mm, Y=813 mm, Z=762 mm;
  • CNC stamping. The maaximum size of the processed sheet is 1250x2500 mm;
  • CNC folding. Pressing force is 160 t, folding length is up to 3.0 m;
  • Cutting with a horizontal and vertical band saw;
  • MIG,MAG, TIG welding;
  • Cold stamping on eccentric presses with a force of up to 100 tons;
  • Measurement with 3D measuring instruments.

Surface Coating:

  • Powder painting. The maximum dimensions of the products to be painted are 1000x1000x2500 mm;
  • Wet painting;
  • Sandblasting.

Installation Work:

  • Installation of electronic equipment;
  • Installation of metal structures;
  • Installation of automated tools.