JSC Dambis History

1992. JSC Dambis was established by JSC SWH, JSC Interlatvija and IE Komuttors.

1994. Beginning of cooperation with Western firms - German firms Gutbrod, Neuner Metaltechnik, cooperation with the German firm Stewing in the manufacture of telephone booths and their delivery under the Lattelekom project.

1995. Cooperation with the Latvian Radio and Television Centre and manufacture of radio stations for the FM band. Beginning of consumer goods production.

1996. Beginning of production of lawn mowers and waste containers.

1997. Opening of a shopping centre.

1998. Restructuring of JSC Dambis to work with Western companies.
A cooperation agreement is concluded with a Finnish company, which becomes the main customer for production lines of NOKIA equipment.

1999. Purchase of up-to-date programmable equipment for metalworking; Participation in the design of robotic test equipment for Nokia plants.

2000. Comprehensive investments in a modern CAD/CAM system. A new site for automation of product installation with an area of 1300 m2.

2001. JSC Dambis equips a new section of precisely programmed machines.

2002. JSC Dambis receives a Certificate for the implementation of the Quality Management System at the enterprise in the design, manufacture and installation of electromechanical equipment, automated process equipment, robotic testing equipment, consumer products, as well as metalworking, pressing and casting of plastics, galvanic and paint coatings.
The Centre of Metal Structures (CMS) was created and the production of containers launched.
The centre of distribution and service of the goods with a hall for trade and samples opened.
Creation of design workplaces for work with the Solid Works 2001 plus software.

2005. Technology update due to the use of self-financing and ERAF support funds.

2014. Beginning of the Red Line project.